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Assorted hand beaded hubcaps...objects d'art.  These are one of the most unique creations to come along in the history of automotive art. 

This is an object to be hung on a wall as it is or made into a wall sconce with lighting to accent.

 Each piece requires at least two months to complete and is extremely labor intensive

Hand beaded using an assortment of colored glass beads, decorated according to each hubcap's design and shape.

The artist brings out the unique features of each piece, making it truly, "one of a kind".

Every hubcap is signed by the artist.




11" x 14"


11" x 14"
"stylistic 9"

11" x 14"

Construction Hat

11" x 14"


Drum sticks, tambourine
& Elvis Sun Glasses

Baseball Bat

11" x 14"




Newest addition to the collection




Each item was designed using glass bugle beads and required 70-100 hours to complete.  All of the
items in the gallery are for sale. 
All works are
original graphic designs by Eugene.

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